Sunday, September 22, 2013

Picture Post 1128 : Costa Del Col

I am never quite sure what makes me take a photograph. Some half-thought, some snatch of an untold story, some incongruous pattern - who knows? It has a meaning at the moment I press the electronic shutter but it may be long forgotten in the part-second it takes the image to appear on the viewing screen.

These two women were walking along the harbour wall in Puerta Banus with all the energy of a pair of climbers tackling the South Col of Everest. For a moment in time it made a good image. Now it makes a good memory.


  1. I think walking sticks are a marvelous idea.

    I wonder about the stack rising behind the wall? A ship? Something more mundane?

  2. I also see 2stacks. Just wondering what from?

  3. I know why you took this. You could line them up so they were walking on the horizon line which is pretty neat.

  4. Looks sunny and warm there perhaps that is the memory:)


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