Monday, December 04, 2006

News From Everywhere

The antithesis of "News From Nowhere" is, of course, "News From Everywhere". It is the latter which sums up my philosophy of life more than the former but I can't be bothered changing the name of the Blog and therefore I will continue as a contradiction in terms. News from everywhere seems to have become my driving ambition as I scan newspapers from around the world and download obscure radio podcasts (I have, for example, become addicted to Australian breakfast radio phone-ins). The psychologists amongst us will, no doubt, say I am searching for something which can never be found in those reams of digital print or those acres of airwaves (what is the measure of airwaves?). Right, I reply (whilst scanning the births and deaths column in the Calgary Herald) : I am searching for the perfect digital news service. The digital age is still in its infancy and so far is populated by traditional media (newspapers, radio stations) wearing a digital overcoat. True innovation has yet to take place : information streams to match the technological capabilities of the new systems. That is what I am searching for .... (when I am not listening to the Podcast of the front page of the New York Times).

Daffodil On The Water

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