Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Whilst 198392cjh is the only person/machine/computer programme to have provided feedback to my Daily Photo Blog (see "Apple Campers Build An Endless Ring" if you do not know what I am talking about), I am pleased to say that this blog has stimulated a higher level of feedback traffic. So time for one or two words of thanks and for a competition.

Thank you to the kind gentleman from who offered to help me acquire a second-hand roneo duplicator in response to my posting "Roneo, Roneo ..." I am currently in negotiations with my dear wife to see whether space can be allocated.

Thank you to the staff at Channel 4 News for their kind words in response to their award of News Podcast of the Year. I am searching for a suitable trophy and will let you know when one has been found.

Thank you to Paul Bentley for the suggestion that we co-write the movie about old post-cards. If we don't manage the movie script perhaps you should turn the idea into a song for your next CD. The title will be easy : "My Dearest May".

And thank you to the kind people who have e-mailed me to say that they are enjoying these postings. A special word of thanks must go to my good friend Edwin who not only sent me such an e-mail but also an attached image which he thought I could add to my collection of "zany photos" (I must point out Edwin, that these so-called zany photos are mostly members of my near family). Nevertheless, back to the image. Edwin suggests that "it is up to the beholder to imagine" what on earth it might be. I know what it is (Edwin provided the solution) but I am prepared to offer a case of Grolsch to anyone who gets close. I have slightly changed the base image to make it more interesting. The usual rules apply about the competition not being open to Edwin Osborne, his relatives or employees.


  1. I suppose I don't qualify for the competition, then, - as the person who actually took the photograph.

  2. No you don't. Nor do any of your relatives, friends or acquaintances. Nor indeed any of the readers of your excellent book. That should cut down the chances of someone claiming the prize quite nicely!


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