Tuesday, January 23, 2007

House Development

With apologies, this is not going to be a very exciting post, I'm afraid - I just wanted to find out how to do a posting!

For what it's worth, this is a picture of the next house we are hoping to develop - a 1936 semi that at the moment has scarcely been modified at all since 1936 - a real period piece inside - and note the driveway down the side, too narrow for a modern car!

It's in a cul-de-sac named "Meadow Prospect" - and you can see the meadow from the side of the upstairs front bay window in this picture... just about.

We're intending to convert it into two flats - access to the upstairs being via an extension at the side. Interestingly, we are obliged to provide wheel-chair access for the lower flat and must use the front garden for off-street parking. Further, we must provide bicycle stands and dedicated spaces for wheelie bins and blue and green recycling boxes - so the front will look like a low-grade college of FE (as our architect put it!)

Whilst we are all for recycling in principle, it does seem one needs an eighth day of the week to sort it out according to the detailed council rules - and if one doesn't wish to decorate the front of the house all week with ones rubbish containers, you need a fork lift truck....

Ah well! Lets see if I can post this....


  1. Good lord, it worked!

  2. Is that a garage I see at the back. Hope it's not an asbestos one.

  3. Oh, and by the way Edwin. Welcome to Nowhere, good to have you on board.

  4. No, the garage's not asbestos - but the weirdest all-galvanised-iron design the like of which I've never seen anywhere else.


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