Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Dearest May

I have phases. I admit it. I am well known for it. This blog is probably a phase. But, there is nothing wrong with enthusiasms which go in phases, Phases tend to follow a pattern - what comes around, goes around, and it's always a pleasure when they come around again. Anyway...

Many years ago I had a phase of collecting picture postcards. The ones I was most interested in were early ones - around the turn of the (last) century. For me, the joy of a good antique postcard was not just the picture which was on the front, but also the message which was attached to it. There was a little second-hand shop in Rotherham where I used to be able to pick up the occasional bargain. The owner would look out for postcards which might interest me and put them to one side until I next called in.

The example above, was bought from that shop. It dates from 1898 and - like several others in my collection - it was sent to Miss May Chambers of 99, Burngreave Road, Sheffield. I am not sure who it is from - the signature looks like Adele Fleming - but I am not sure. Who were these two? What was Adele doing in Budapest "staying with Mrs Brall"? And what of this other card which is mentioned? It is not part of my collection I am afraid. "Do you think your husband will look like these two?" Is May to marry a Hungarian Count? Has Adele gone on a tour of Europe to find a possible husband for her friend? It is all so intriguing.

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