Monday, January 01, 2007

A new family member?

I am trying to think of a suitable topic and style with which to make my entrance, or better, opening contribution, to NFN. In the spirit of the day (the first of the Calendar Year in the UK), perhaps I should make it suitably optimistic and forward looking, with a good measure of self-inflicted (pointless, but worthy) resolutions of the "drink less, eat less, exercise more" variety. Or, maybe it should lay forth a selection of forthcoming Blog topics (presumably there is an appropriate expression for such items?). The "Art of Bob Dylan", "Scientists and Science ain't what they used to be", "Was Django Reinhardt really a jazz musician?", "Did Louis Armstrong and His Hot 5/7 make the first punk recordings in the 1920s?" Well maybe both. Anyway, for now it's hello from me and I look forward to keeping my 2007 resolution of more Blogging than last year!

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