Saturday, December 05, 2015

Concrete Bull In A Monochrome China Shop

In 1968 I went to live in Birmingham for a year. These two photographs were taken during that period and feature what was, at the time, the modern shopping centre at the heart of the city : the Bull Ring Centre. The Centre was all blocks and concrete, passages and steel. overpasses and underpasses. It was a delight for the monochrome photographer - but not for much else.

The old Bull Ring Centre has been demolished now (replaced by another one which has imaginatively been called Bullring) I have not been there yet, but I suspect that it will not provide the same inspiration.


  1. Bull Ring vs Bullring eh? Tsk tsk I think the words "could do better" spring to mind.

  2. Lots of patterns, lines and textures but an ugly building.