Monday, June 09, 2008

A Picture Cannot Tell A Lie

There has been considerable feedback to my posting about the successful ascent of Harrison Stickle (3,547 ft) and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends for their notes of congratulation. Nevertheless, I would not be human if I didn't feel saddened by the suggestion voiced in some quarters that the climb up this formidable peak - all 3,864 feet of it - was yet another excursion into the realms of virtual travel. It has been suggested by some spoilsports that the nearest I came to a scree slope was the pile of loose chippings left behind by the contractors who pebble-dashed the front wall. This is quite clearly a lie as proved by the photographs I published yesterday. To underline the point I have included with this post yet another of the photographs taken on Thursday. This shows me at the top of the glacier just below the summit of Harrison Stickle (4,548 ft).

And whilst I am in a mood to rebut, it has also been suggested - by someone who has neither the manners nor the confidence to use their own name rather than hiding behind the cloak of anonymity - that promises were made in respect to a 65th birthday and not kept. This is a rampant untruth, as the following photograph clearly shows. Here is the relative in question having a wonderful time - all expenses paid I might add - in Amsterdam just after his 65th birthday. All I can say is that a healthy climb up a mountain would have been far better for both his mental - and I must add - physical well being.

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