Thursday, October 01, 2020

AB With FT

AB With FT (April 1988)

Before digital time stamps were invented, you had to rely on more indirect means to date photographs. Thanks to a newspaper headline about the launch of the Serious Fraud Office, I can confidently say that this photograph of me was taken in April 1988. I seem rather relaxed, sat in one of my parent's over-floral chairs, pipe in mouth, FT in hand, and, no doubt, my mother busy making me a mug of tea in the kitchen. This was eighteen months before the birth of Alexander: my hair has yet to turn grey and the biggest problem seems to be the state of the British economy. I was forty years old, living in Sheffield, working in Doncaster. Although my hearing had started to decline, I could still manage with a hearing aid (it will have been in my, hidden, right ear). The photograph was taken in Oaklands Avenue, Northowram - the house I grew up in. At some stage, I had captioned this image: "AB with FT" - it seems quite appropriate.


  1. Was this a few years before I was born - your hair was not yet grey...? Was the semi in the picture (left side of the semi) where the lady with the fish used to live?

    1. Yes, back in the days when I was young (comparatively), and carefree ('ish). Hilda Parker, the lady with the fish, lived a little further along the avenue.


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