Monday, October 03, 2022

Tuesday 4 October 2022


Smartphone Apps often supply you with a range of decorative frames to dress up your photos and present them to their best advantage. Trees provide a similar service to anyone who cares to walk the hills that overlook Halifax. Chimneys, church spires, and even blocks of concrete flats seem to sprout from the verdant valley landscape below.

An old, torn, photograph found at the bottom of an old broken box full of old, forgotten memories. Repaired and reunited: my father and mother in law, Raymond and Edith Berry on their wedding day in Liverpool in 1946.

Vintage Postcard : The Parade, Leamington, Fowler Beanland Collection
5th September
Dear Brother, I am sending the parcel off today, Thursday, hoping you will get it alright. With love from your Sister, E.
To: Mr Fowler Beanland
c/o Mrs Elliott, 294, Sheffield Road, Tinsley, Sheffield

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