Sunday, January 14, 2024

Washing On The Line


This has always been one of my favourite photos from the 1960s. When I put it on Facebook a few years ago, people helped me to work out where I must have been stood - Neville Street in Horley Green - when I took it. The washing makes the photo. It makes my think of the Paul Simon song. “My Little Town” and the line “hanging out shirts in the dirty breeze”

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  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Not wishing to be pedantic or a nit picker but I would question your address for Neville Street as being Horley Green. I would say that it lay firmly in Claremount. You may well have been standing in Claremount Road when you took your picture, probably very close to the Claremount Inn. Keep up the good work - nice being taken back to happier times.


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