Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Little Something For The Weekend

I know that many of my followers enjoy a good quiz (alright, my two followers but when you have as few friends as I do you need a bit of spin). Last night it was my turn to do the questions at the Friday Night New Spitfire Quiz. So for those unfortunate enough to miss the occasion, here are the questions. I will add the answers after the weekend.
1  Edward White was the first American to walk where? 
2  Which car manufacturer introduced models called the Ventura, the Victor and the Viscount?    
3  What type of beer is served in Coronation Street’s Rovers Return pub?     
4  General Pinochet was a former ruler of which country?     
5  Which football team did Jock Stein lead to European Cup success?     
6  What is the name of the fruit which until the 1950s was known as the Chinese Gooseberry?    
7  What type of animal can be a Texel or a Romney Marsh?     
8  On what island were the Bee Gees born?     
9  James is the first name of which Beatle?    
10 What is examined using an otoscope?    
11  In which American State is Death Valley located?     
12  Where did someone “leave a cake out in the rain”?      
13  What word can be used to describe a type of sword frequently used in modern fencing competitions and a extremely thin sheet of metal often found in the kitchen?     
14  Who won the best actor Oscar at the 2009 Academy Awards earlier this week     
15  What do the initials IMF stand for? (3 points available)   
16  Which group had consecutive No 1 hits with Keep On Running and Somebody Help Me?   
17  Which building in France has a famous Hall of Mirrors?      
18  Thailand was formerly known by what name?    
19  What is the second letter of the Greek alphabet?      
20  Blanket, back and buttonhole are all types of what? 
ROUND 3 The answers to the following ten questions are all capital cities. In each case you will get a point for the name of the city and another point for the country it is capital of. For example, the answers to the question “Author of The Call of the Wild” would be London and Great Britain   
21  Means “Good Air” in Spanish? 
22  1981 hit record by the group Ultravox?  
23  Name of the 1957 Treaty establishing the European Community?  
24  Name of a form of wild cabbage which is cultivated for its small, leafy, green buds? 
25  Name of Greek hero whose elopement with Helen led to the Trojan War?  
26  American television detective played by Peter Falk? 
27  Patron saint of Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece … and England?  
28  Victorious General at the Battle of Waterloo? 
29  Hymn based on a poem by William Blake? 
30  Composer of White Christmas? 
31  Where in England according to the author Bram Stoker, did Dracula first set ashore?  
32  On what object will you see the inscription "standing on the shoulders of giants"?  
33  To the nearest £50 million, how much did the new Wembley cost? 
34  How many books in the Bible refer to eve biting the apple?  
35  In what year was the United Nations Charter signed in San Francisco? 
36  Who rode Nijinsky to win the Derby in 1970? 
37  What is the world’s most sparsely populated country?  
38  Which is larger, a croquet lawn or a tennis court?   
39  In Greek mythology what did Prometheus steal from Olympus?  
40  Three groups of two US Presidents have shared the same surname, name each?  
41  Clive Rice played cricket for which country?  
42  Who wrote the novel “A Clockwork Orange”?  
43  What word can go after “salad” and before “gown”?  
44  In which city does Batman operate?  
45  Which canal links the Mediterranean and the Red Sea?  
46  Which former “Are You Being Served” star died this week?   (Point for real name, point for character)   
47  In ten-pin bowling how many pins are there on the back row? 
48  Who is Colin Dexter’s most famous creation? 
49  In “The Magic Roundabout” what type of animal was Dylan? 
50  Chelsea have had four managers in the last two years, name them?  


  1. Do we post the answers here (of those we think we can do, that is) or would that spoil it for everyone else?

    Follower No.2

  2. Keep the answers until I publish them and then put up your score.

  3. Or e-mail your answers to me and I will put up the score.

  4. Jane and Edwin scored 37

  5. Not so much of the Edwin!

    1 In space 2 Vauxhall 3 Newton and Ridley 4 Chile 5 Celtic 6 Kiwifruit 7 Sheep 8 Isle of Man 9 Paul McCartney 10 The ear 11 California 12 MacArthur Park 13 Foil 14 Sean Penn 15 International Monetary Fund – 3 points 16 Spencer Davis Group 17 Palace of Versailles 18 Siam 19 Beta 20 Stitches 21 Buenos Aires / Argentina) 22 Vienna / Austria 23 Rome / Italy 24 Brussels / Belgium 25 Paris / France 26 Colombo / Sri Lanka 27 St George / Grenada 28 Wellington / New Zealand 29 (Jerusalem / Israel 30 Berlin / Germany 31 Whitby 32 The edge of a £2 coin 33 £798 million, £748 – £848 million 34 None, Genesis refers to Eve biting a fruit 35 1945 36 Lester Piggot 37 Greenland 38 Croquet Lawn 39 Fire 40 Adams (John and John Quincy); Rooseveldt (Theodore and Franklin); Bush (George H W and George W) 41 South Africa 42 Anthony Burgess 43 Dressing 44 Gotham City 45 Suez Canal 46 Wendy Richards / Miss Brahms 47 Four 48 Morse 49 Rabbit 50 Jose Mourinho / Avram Grant / Luiz Felipe Scolari / Guus Hiddink


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