Friday, May 13, 2016

Negative Thoughts About Next Door Neighbours

35mm film once developed has a special quality. Once processed, printed and filed away, the individual negatives don't go their own way in life, never to see their siblings again: they stay attached, live next to each other in the same street and provide a fascinating stream of memories. Individual walks can be recreated forty years on, faces - and places - that are long gone can be brought back to life. It might not be the high energy rapid movement of 35mm cine film, but rather a slower and more sedate elderly relative. But the slower pace provides even more opportunity to stop and look around and appreciate the detail.

Here is a record of a walk I took through the streets of Brighouse almost forty years ago. The cars and the fashions and the adverts have all changed, but many of those streets remain the same. I suppose I could repeat the walk today, but the individual images would spread in all directions, like May blossom in a Spring breeze.


  1. what I like about the older photos is the styles of clothing worn at that time. It was also a different culture and you can see it on people's faces.

  2. I agree with Red...what is also interesting about older photos are the memories they can trigger of other things as well.

  3. Is that a Triumph Vitesse 2 litre I see there?

  4. All the ladies wear headscarfs or hats! :)

  5. Another wonderful walk through time and space, Alan. I've made your umbrella crossing Industrial Street my desktop image for the week.


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