Thursday, September 07, 2017

Brace And Bit


I have no idea who this child is - but he (or maybe she) is standing around at the door of a house and is therefore perfect for this series. The photograph comes from that very large box of old photographs marked "unknown", but it is no less wonderful for its lack of provenance. Indeed it is a particularly fine photograph, the detail caught by the lens a century or more ago is as good as any modern-day digital SLR. It also shares that other common element of many of these "standing around" photographs - the sense of freedom that accompanies an escape from the confines of a photographers' studio. There is no brace holding this child's back straight, no photographers' assistant carefully composing a bit of a pose.


  1. What a serious-looking little tyke!

  2. It is a marvelous photo. I noticed the door knob in the middle of the door. I guess I have seen that before but it looked unusual on that door. I have a few of those with out names or places to share.

  3. I love the button boots. Where do you find these oldies?

  4. But he looks just as unhappy as if he did have a brace - must be the fancy togs.


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