Tuesday, August 07, 2018

The Last Afternoon At Sea

Over the last couple of months I have been slowly scanning my way through a 1925 photograph album I bought on a second hand stall. Entitled "Cruise To The Northern Capitals of Europe on the SS City of Nagpur, July-August 1925", the album contains over 50 sepia photographs our unknown photographer took on a cruise to Denmark and Norway. In addition to showing some wonderful 1920s fashions and some tram-lined streets, the photographs illustrate a relaxed atmosphere on board a small cruise ship of ninety years ago.

It is perhaps fitting that I am now getting to the end of the album - the photograph above is entitled "The Last Afternoon At Sea", because I am starting top pack my bags for my own cruise to the Norwegian fjords in a few days time. Perhaps I will ask the First Officer on my oversized cruise ship to pose on a deckchair with the Good Lady Wife.


  1. If a cruise could be that relaxing, I would consider taking one. That and winning the lottery. I bet you even felt like you were on the water.

  2. I imagine 1925 life had just as many worries, but it seems to be all full of bliss to those who think in terms of history.


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