Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sepia Saturday 483 : Young Girl With A Basket

This is a photograph of a young girl carrying a basket. It is my attempt to match this week's Sepia Saturday prompt image - which is a photograph of a young girl carrying a basket. The prompt photograph dates from the early years of the twentieth century, and my little photograph is of a similar vintage. We know that the prompt image was taken somewhere in Mexico, and with a similar degree of certainty, we know my photograph was taken in Yorkshire.

I am not sure exactly who the girl in my photograph is, but if it was possible to extract DNA from a photograph, I would think there is a good chance you could match it with mine. It is a tiny photograph - about one inch square - that was stuck in the back of the postcard album kept by my mother's uncle, Fowler Beanland. It might be my mother or her sister Amy, or it might be an earlier generation of Beanland girls. When I ask my Lightroom facial recognition for suggestions, it suggests my niece, which is obviously inaccurate in terms of date, but accurate in terms of DNA.

Whoever it turns out to be, it is a charming little photo and a rather good Sepia Saturday match. 

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  1. An adorable photo and a good match!

  2. Your mystery girl has the look of a child about to complain, and loudly too. The idea of photographic DNA could become the new genealogy website moneymaker. Post your old photos on and $150 gets you an analysis as to who they might be related.

  3. A lovely photo -- and I love that you used Lightroom to find a match in lieu of DNA. There are many routes to the same end and kudos for revealing a new one!


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