Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A Winter's Day

It is the winter of 1964/65. A Labour Government led by a youthful Harold Wilson has just been elected into power. Sir Stanley Matthews is about to play his last First Division game at the age of 50. The Kray twins have been arrested in the East End, Agatha Christie is still writing Miss Marple books and the long life of Winston Churchill draws to an end. It is snowing in West Yorkshire, and I set out on a walk from my home in Northowram. I head down the back lanes and catch a view of Coley Church over the snow-covered stone walls.

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  1. Harold Wilson lived just up the hill from where I grew up but we didn’t move there until 1967. Literally 5 minutes walk.
    The winter of 67/68 was amazingly cold. The snow came over the top of my wellies even here in London.


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