Thursday, August 20, 2020

Colouring The Family Tree

These days, cars can drive themselves down motorways, computers can land aeroplanes, and algorithms can determine future accademic success.... and nifty little smartphone apps can add colour to your dead grandmothers' face. The technology is there, but should we use it just because it is available? I must confess, I can't decide: in some ways it is nice to see my grandmother Kate Beanland with a bit of colour in her cheeks, but maybe by adding colour we subtract history.


  1. I don't know, I think she looks good in color. If black and white were the best choice, I'm sure God would have not used such a rainbow palette. Also, I'm sure if the early photographers figured out how to use color in their photos, we would not have any black and white ones.

  2. I'm always torn between coloring or not. I love the old sepia photos but it is fun to see what happens when they're colored. You may already know that MyHeritage is currently offering their enhancing and their coloring tools for free. The enhancing can correct out-of-focus images in amazing ways. (I know you don't need that for your own fine, clear photos, but some older ones taken by others may benefit.) Find them at and


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