Thursday, August 03, 2023

A Smooth And Symphonic Final Journey

These two cuttings come from a crumbling old copy of the Halifax Courier and Guardian dated the 4th February 1922 which I found in the attic. The big news of the day was not the economic and political crisis that Britain was going through, nor was it the developing Irish Civil War: it was the delivery of a new motor hearse to the Halifax undertakers, Messrs J Marsh & Co. And whilst you take an internal combustion powered trip to the great hereafter, you can enjoy “every word, every inflection, every tone and semi-tone with the exactness of the original performance” by listening to a Cliftophone gramophone available from Robinson & Co in George Square.

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Garden Visitor

  A chance photograph taken through the kitchen window in order to check to see if my Nikon B700 is still working. It is!