Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Dearest May : The Back-Story Part 1

June 3 1897, Hotel Saint Quentin, Paris
My Dearest May,
We arrived last night after a long and tiresome crossing. Aunt B. has complained of sickness ever since setting foot in France and insists all water must be thoroughly boiled before we drink it. I, however, am captivated by Paris and want to explore and see everything. Aunt B says I must not go anywhere without Mr. Copthorne, but he is old and slow and limps like a lobster. There are wonderful shops to visit and mysterious people to meet and I am stuck here inside the Hotel looking out through the window. Mme Ladoux called this morning and promised to take me to the theatre on Friday. Do write dear May with all your news. Have you heard from George? And what news of the little German man? We will be in Paris for at least a fortnight so plenty of time for your PCs to reach me. I will write again soon.
Your dearest friend, Adele.

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