Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Great Expectations

As someone who once was a Senior Lecturer in Management Studies I have to confess that I have always had grave doubts about the intellectual foundations of the subject. This is even more the case when an adjective is added to the term "management". More recently, I was - for a time - a member of a Risk Management Committee and this experience merely underlined my belief that when you see the term "management" you should reach for your AK47. 
I was therefore intrigued to discover, in a recent American Radio News broadcast, the latest field of management studies: Expectation Management. Expectation Management is a field which - according to last night's MSNBC News - the Obama Transition Team are studying very carefully. They are anxious to ensure that people don't have too many expectations of the in-coming Obama Presidential team (this is quite a turn-around from their recent job of ensuring that people had too many expectations of the team). I am still trying to understand what the "science" of Expectation Management involves (the above diagram comes from one of the on-line guides) but I have hopes of a great future for it. 
FOOTNOTE : The Festive Season is just around the corner and thus there will be many calls on my precious time and it may not be possible to post as many entries to this Blog as people have become used to. Also it may be that the postings are not as entertaining or informative as readers have come to expect. Obviously we will try our best but we are faced with very severe conditions, the like of which have not been witnessed for almost eighty years. 

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