Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Coming along

This picture may be confusing - it looks almost the same as the one I posted something like two years ago when we bought our development property!

Except that the roof is totally retiled (mostly using the old tiles, cleaned,) and has a felt below it (you can't, of course, see) and that the windows are all brand new and meeting BSS something-or-other meaning they are totally sound-proof and air proof except for the regulatory vent lets air in the rooms for you to have anything to breathe. And were you to look at the original photo, you'd spot that a new window has sprouted over the front door (for the upstairs' flat's bathroom.) (This picture was taken before builder Alan knocked through the hole for the forced ventilation of the downstairs, windowless, bathroom.)

And the front door visible (in fact leads to the stairs to the upstairs flat) is brand new and meets BSS regulation something-or-other else. It also can't be put on the latch but locks up like fort knox if you accidently let it swing-to. Mind you, it locks even more if you twist the key another turn - little bolts fly out top and bottom. (Doesn't mean to say you couldn't get in with a few swings of a sledge-hammer.)

Oh, and the TV aerial is brand new and suited to digital signals. They say. I wouldn't know, we tested with our old analogue TV from the boat - (must say, superb reception!)

Also hidden is that inside all the rooms are completely different from the old house and there's a whopping great extension at the back. Also, an almost-identical front door at the side for the ground floor flat.

The skip at the front is almost empty because some gypsies took away the old window's metal frames (presumably for scrap value) and a very pleasant lady nearish-neighbour demanded to have the old front door that had been in it to refurbish for her own house.

Oh, the gas boxes at the side now actually have meters fitted in them - since this picture was taken. I know, you wouldn't be able to tell either way, just thought you'd like to know. As builder Dave said, there is SO MUCH in building/developing a house you never actually ever see again....

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