Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blinded By Technology (And A Post-It Note)

I'm back. Well at least I think I am. That looks a bit like me, and it is how the new computer seemingly sees me (it has an eye which, unnervingly, always seems to be looking at me so I have now stuck a Post-It Note on it to cover it up). The new machine was surprisingly easy to set up, but reloading the various bits of software that are an integral part of my life has been slightly more problematic. Things tend not to be in the same place, pressing buttons or moving mice tend not to have exactly the same effect. No doubt I will get used to it soon, but don't be surprised if there are a few teething problems  (如何在地球上發生的呢?). Normal Blogging should return tomorrow.


  1. It's all this messing about that puts me off new technology. I just seem to lack the gene that is interested in what things can DO.

    Wow I did not know you spoke Japanese! How did you learn that?

    A wise move to cover up the "eye". After all maybe this is yet another Google initiative and you might find one day that the search has a little add on which allows them to peer into your life ... just for information, you know. :)

  2. I personally keep my webcam unplugged at all time, using it only when needed.
    Got a friend who's gone for a few months, so I suspect I'll have to plug it in at some point. Where is the damn thing now?
    Not wanting to sound paranoid, but yes, wise move!!

  3. That you? I though it was one Waldorf from Waldorf & Statler....

    1. This damned machine is still dropping the occasional "t" - I will need to get out the screwdriver again.

  4. ha at what point does new technology no longer make it easier but harder for careful of that eye as never know who is watching....smiles.

  5. My computer eye, has been covered for years, that big brother thing is worrisome...

  6. Well, if the camera in my computer picks up anything of note it would be news to me, too. :) it is a tad unnerving, though. Mine has been temperamental about w's, but I've learned to compensate, hitting it with just a bit more enthusiasm.

    I've found that Chrome wants to translate in Chinese or some such thing, so I've also had to make sure my cutting and pasting is done on Firefox. Trials and tribulations....

  7. 随着计算机的任何事情都可能发生!Thank heavens for Google Translate!

  8. Your office is so organized..seems you have mastered most of the new computer:)

  9. How wonderful! Your new computer is teaching you a brand new language! I wish mine would teach me Danish so I could make head or tail out of their blasted ancient Archives! (*kidding! Of course I use TRANSLATE, but that doesn't help with the handwritten stuff!)

    Are you launching balloons in your office?

  10. Well done in setting things up so that you can function as usual. You will get how to use all the new features.

  11. I sympathise, though as a Mac lover the getting up and running is usually quite pain-free. I am intrigued by all those neatly stacked boxes in the background - is that your postcard stash?
    BTW regarding our next challenge, I haven't forgotten about it but intensive grannying this week has left me with little time to think. I'll get back to you soon.

  12. Since I have no camera, my computer is roughly 5 years old and at the time I saw no need for a camera on a computer and still don't honestly, I seem to be having trouble understanding what all the fuss is about. :)
    Perhaps I should take a screwdriver to my mind? Since my computer tends to work better than me.
    I'm overdue for a new computer and am wondering what you bought Alan. I've been thinking about moving down to a Nexus 7 but can't imagine typing a post on it.

  13. I'm intrigued to know what the new machine is running. As a Mac convert of three years, I've blocked out the trials and tribulations of getting to grips with yet another Microsoft maze.

    If you have an old machine that you want to play with, why not try installing Linux Mint 14 on it? It's absolutely free and runs like a dream. My old Acer laptop is currently enjoying its fifth new lease of life.

  14. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Windows 7 is great - having struggled/battled and lost with Vista over the last couple of years. I keep the webcam off - no one deserves to see me in my goonie with my hair standing on end :-)


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