Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What Ho Wigton

What Ho!
I imagine this postcard sent in July 1907 to my Great Uncle, Fowler Beanland, is the early 20th century equivalent of a Facebook "poke".  I have never quite understood the concept of "pokes", but I suppose they equate to "hello there", "how's things" or even "what ho". But what are the chances of those electronic pokes lasting 105 years? And what are the chances of some 22nd century blogger using them as the subject of a daily post? They will not open a window to a world of market day carts lined up outside St Mary's Church, Wigton, nor will they send our intrepid blogger searching to find out if the same view exists today. They will simply be a digital reminder that A poked B on the 11th of July. Nothing can be done about it; that's progress I suppose. What Ho!


  1. jamie stonehewer2:34 PM


  2. What Ho Alan! So when did you go to take your photo..or was it in your stash? :)

  3. But where did they park their horses? Smart card.

  4. Not much looks different - cars instead of carts. What ho.

  5. Ah, I prefer the carts you know!
    I wonder where the expression "what ho!" came from?

  6. Very clever comparison. I like your old stone churches. We have very little that's built with stone in western Canada.

  7. What ho! I adore your then-and-now posts...

  8. I not only do not understand the concept of pokes but I also don't even begin to "get" Facebook or Twitter.
    Give me a postcard any day. I suppose I'm becoming a social Luddite.

  9. That is one old postcard. An interesting analogy with electronic communication.

  10. Morrish (with jingles): Hey Ho
    Canadian: Ehh Ho
    Dwarvish: Heigh Ho
    Caribbean: Yo Ho
    North Polish: Ho Ho


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