Monday, November 12, 2012

Cast Iron And Molasses

It is Monday morning and it looks frosty outside. Earlier, I sent Amy out into the garden in the hope that she would report back on the ambient temperature, but she is still not talking to me after being incarcerated in kennels for the best part of a month. But it certainly looks cold and therefore time for a couple more of the photographs I took on holiday. The first was taken from Shirley Heights on Antigua and is looking down towards English Harbour. If you strain your eyes enough, you will just be able to make out the buildings that form the historic Nelson's Dockyard, and that is the subject of my second photograph. The combination of the palm trees, the tropical vegetation, the clear blue skies and the rather English cast iron street light seems to sun up what was a magical place.



  1. Hello Alan:
    What a spectacular looking harbour. And so much vegetation in the very near vicinity.

    The cast iron lamp post alongside the palm trees does, at least to our eyes, appear a little incongruous.

  2. It didn't turn out to be that cold here today - but I'd still rather be on that white beach by that blue sea.

  3. You must feel warmer just seeing the palm. I would love to hear what it's like to travel by ship. I am afraid to try it. I read too many Joseph Conrad novel when I was young. Going far out to sea seem to scary.

  4. Nothing like a visit to the tropics. It's so different from where we live. However, I wouldn't want to live there.

  5. Poor Amy..I am sure she will forgive you after an goodly amount of treats..and walks. I enjoyed the warm photos:)


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