Thursday, April 30, 2015

Familiar Fare Behind Three Closed Doors

We are home after a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable ten days in Spain. Spain is the land where the sun shines, where the wine is cheap, and where the food is good (I enjoyed what must have been one of the best steaks I have ever had at the Albir Restaurante in Mojacar). Despite all that, when our plane flew back over the Channel and I looked down on those green fields and neat towns, I couldn't help thinking that I was lucky enough to live in the most beautiful country in the world. 

Nevertheless, nobody does doors better than Spain. The three featured above come from the three different regions we visited and perfectly illustrate the range of styles and cultures you find in that country. They range from the functionally distressed of Pinoso, through the piped icing extreme of Lorca to the perfectly proportioned of the Alhambra in Granada.

I shall continue to feature some of the photographs I took during our stay in Spain on my Picture Post Blog over the next few days, but here on News From Nowhere I will return to more familiar fare. 


  1. I look forward to your photos.

  2. Gorgeous doors! A few years I began doing a collection of small doors. It makes an interesting subject.

  3. A similar theme to my Doors of Gozo. Welcome back!

  4. I agree, but I'm sure you remember that here in Lanzarote there are some pretty distressed ones too. They are often neglected I'm sad to say.

  5. Interesting doors. I like photographing doors too. Funny thing that when I fly home from overseas and look down at Sydney Harbour I think that I live in the most beautiful country in the world.

  6. Very interesting doors, I want to go in and see what is inside...I think that is a sign of a good door:)


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