Friday, July 05, 2019

Sepia Saturday 477 : Miriam And The Javelin

Our Sepia Saturday theme image this week shows a line of cars in Vancouver, Canada in 1942. In fact they are cars seized by the Canadian Government from Japanese-Canadian citizens during the course of the Second World War. The car which features in my post this week has also been seized - in this case by the one and only Miriam Fieldhouse. The car in question is a Jowett Javelin, made at the Jowett car factory in Bradford - the factory where her husband, Frank, worked. The aerodynamic looking Javelin was produced from 1947 until 1953 and during that period it achieved success in the field of motor sports - winning its class in the 1947 Monte Carlo Rally. Sadly, it had only been temporarily seized by Miriam - after this 1950 photo opportunity it was returned to the factory car park. 

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  1. My vernier height gauge, made by Benson Verniers of Bradford, began life in the tool room of the Jowett car factory. It is housed in its original velvet lined box and is part of my collection of precision measuring instruments - not as a museum piece, but in daily use.

  2. Auntie Miriam seems to be tweaking its nose. I looked up the Jowett Javelin and it shares some of the curvature of a VW beetle along with a flat four engine, though water-cooled and in the front. The chrome line along the bonnet (hood) and doors is a styling touch we never see anymore in automotive design.


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