Sunday, March 22, 2020

Boating At Brookfoot

This picture postcard of Brookfoot, just outside Brighouse, must date from the very early years of the twentieth century. It was never used or sent through the post and therefore we don't have a postmark to help us date it. Surprisingly enough, little has changed over the 120 years since the scene was first captured, although many more houses cling to the top of the hillside on the right of the picture.

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  1. The excellent "My Rastrick" website delves deeper into the history of this location and gives information and a picture of more recent rowing boat hire in the 1950's.

    My Yorkshire Keel barge "Brookfoot" was named after the mills she from which carried carried cargoes. Incidentally, old maps give the spelling Brooksfoot, the "brook" presumably being Red Brook.


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