Sunday, April 05, 2020

A Good Match By Chance (Sepia Saturday)

To try and come up with a match for this week's Sepia Saturday theme image, I decided to work my way through a box of unsorted old photographs and post the first one I came across which featured anyone reading. By chance, the first reader I found was myself - in a photograph that doesn't in itself look all that old, but in fact was taken thirty-five years ago. Also by chance, the pose is not unlike the pose of the woman in the theme photograph: a picture that must predate mine by probably ninety years. The eagle-eyed viewer might spot that I am attempting to read a foreign newspaper: it is in fact an Icelandic paper. The photograph, however, was taken in Sheffield, at the home of Icelandic friends. A good match, even if only by chance.

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  1. You are always one to bring out a chuckle! I wish that Susan had posted her own URL, it just goes back to the SS page. Wonder what she was writing...

  2. What a neat photo and a perfect prompt match: in a chair next to a table and reading - the pipe, a special touch. And I love the sweater. My Mom used to knit "Fisherman Knit" sweaters in creamy white. Always beautiful and look so manly on a man! :)

  3. A perfect match from the master archivist of lost ephemera. But I bet you rarely read Icelandic newspapers much anymore. Could there be bloggers in Iceland?

  4. If only the woman had been smoking a pipe! I wonder what the hot topics were in Iceland that day.

  5. A fun way to approach the challenge!


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