Thursday, June 18, 2020

Go To Gaol, Go Directly To Gaol

At some stage in the late 1960s, large sections of the bottom end of Halifax were demolished. These were the streets that ran from Market Street, down to the appropriately named Winding Road. They are etched into my youthful memory - longer, grander, greater than they undoubtedly were - but their names are largely lost to me. This is one such street. That is Halifax Town Hall in the background, and I have a feeling that it might by Gaol Lane, but I turn to my fellow Haligonians of a certain age for either confirmation or correction.


  1. You're possibly correct. I have a faint recollection of the first building on the right.

    By chance I came across this collection of old photographs of Halifax:

    1. The general opinion based on reaction to the photograph on the Old Photos of Halifax Facebook page is that it was taken in Ann Street, which ran parallel to Gaol Lane. That Facebook group is very useful for narrowing down the location for these old photos. That Pinterest page is also good - I notice that they have a few of my photos on there.


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