Thursday, September 09, 2021

Around The World In Eighty Words : Start

You know what it’s like. You’ve had a drink or two too many, you are on the edge of being bored, Coronation Street is not what it was, you want to broaden your horizons …… so you get into one of those “I bet I could”conversations. I would like to say that it was whilst seated in a comfortable leather chair in the Reform Club, talking to all my friends; but, in fact, it was whilst sitting in front of my computer talking to myself. Nevertheless, the bet was made, and now I must see it through. What3words is a geocoding system which divides the world up into three metre squares and assigns each square a unique series of three words. As I was sat last night, my exact location was ///

By changing one word every time, I said to my imaginary companion, do you think I could travel around the world and get back to my desk? Before I had drained the last precious drop of malt whisky from my glass, I had made a wager with myself, so I must now embark on this journey of a lifetime – to get around the world in eighty words. For companionship, my loyal French manservant was not available – yes, it’s Brexit again – and so I have had to recruit my less than loyal Labradoodle, Passepartlucy.

For my first word change, I decided to be as logical as every and merely change “tall” for “short”. And therefore Lucy and I are heading for /// I will let you know where we have landed up – but you can always check it out for yourself and meet us there.

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