Monday, January 17, 2022

Pablo Picasso, A Glass Of Beer And A Cubist Fence


I have suitcases full of old photographs, acquired from here, there, and endless market stalls: lost and unwanted prints of people long forgotten and places long gone. My escape route from grim reality is to delve into these collections, and befriend one of the anonymous subjects. As a pastime it is relatively harmless, less challenging than keeping ferrets, and cheaper than polygamy. And you never know what you might discover! Which brings me on to Pablo Picasso, a glass of beer and a garden fence. I have no idea where I acquired this photograph from, it certainly isn't one of those photographs that have been passed to me as designated keeper of family photographs. I accept that it probably isn't Pablo Picasso - but look at that face and compare it with some of the photographs of the great painter himself. And he's holding a paint brush. And that fence-post has a distinctively cubist look about it. And wasn't one of Picasso's finest paintings entitled "The Glass Of Beer"? You can make your own mind up, but I believe I have discovered a masterpiece.

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