Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Daily Calendar : 13-18 July 2023


For want of something better to do, I started work on a new book today. It will be called "1001 Images To Scan Before I Die". Given the fact that I am averaging about one scan a day, and given my age, it has to be said that this is a somewhat ambitious project. This picture is a detail from the first scan in the book - to see the full picture you will just have to hope that I survive the next three years!

At the age of 21 I left my native West Yorkshire and finished up at University in North Staffordshire. I immediately had an affinity with the urban landscape of the Potteries. The stone might have changed to brick, but these were the same factory chimneys and terraced houses of I had grown up with. Home from home.

A tiny plant seed magnified a good few hundred times and then messed about with to create a pattern that is pleasing. Looking at the final image, all sorts of things can be found within it.

Family of five, sat on the steps. They are from a group of family photographs, although I have no idea on which branch of the family tree they sit. Four of the five look as miserable as sin is supposed to be, the fifth looks like she might just know that isn't the case!

Having seen the weather forecast, I asked AI to create an image of a "miserable Monday morning with rain and cold winds". The first thing it did was to tell me that one of the words I had used violated their user guidelines and it had been removed (they didn't tell me which word). Then they came up with this image and its notable reluctance to spell out the word "Monday". Happy Monay everyone.

It's Artificial Intelligence Week here on my Daily Calendar. I took this photo of Anchor Bridge in Brighouse this afternoon and then left AI to get to work on it, producing some nice shades, lines and patterns.

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