Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Daily Calendar : 19-24 July 2023


All I did was to ask AI to design a typeface featuring colourful wild flowers. This is what it came up with.

Our artificial intelligence week not only continues, but gets sillier. "AI, re-imagine me as a Norse God" Personally, I think I look rather fetching!

The last of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) series. This is using something called "generative fill" to add to an existing image (in this case, of Upper Edge, Elland) I later asked AI if this was an image of the past or the future - it declined to answer!

It's my brothers birthday today. We are separated by about 4,200 miles but I will be raising a glass in his honour later today. Happy Birthday dear boy.

Farming The Wind, High Flatts, Near Huddersfield

My grandmother, Harriet Ellen Burnett, at the door of her house in Arctic Parade, Great Horton, Bradford. The photograph was probably taken around 1940. The doors and windows of the terraced house seem enormous compared to my grandmother, but her presence is nevertheless indomitable.

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