Thursday, July 27, 2023

Daily Calendar : 25-27 July 2023


I have no idea who took this photograph. Usually it was me taking photographs of my brother, or him taking photographs of me, and thus pictures of us together are rare. It was taken in the late 1960s: Roger was living on a barge and about to sail it to Europe, making a living by selling a strange combination of sea urchins and pictorial maps. I was on my way to university, but I had joined him for a day on the market stall. It all seems so very long ago.

The hairdresser is coming today. By chance I was scanning some old negatives yesterday for a friend and I came across this photograph of an Egyptian hairdresser which was taken during World War II. Short back and sides Sir?

Established in 1856, the Brighouse District Industrial Society was the local co-operative society. At its height, it had some 26 branches in the area and a wide range of activities including grocery shops, greengrocers, cabinet makers, motor car showrooms, a coal yard and a slaughterhouse, The illustration is from an early twentieth century membership card.

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  1. 1969 was so long ago. I had just graduated university and left home to be on my own. Let life begin!


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