Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quiz Night : Who sailed the Gypsy Moth?

As we won the Spitfaire Quiz last week, I had to come up with the questions for the quiz this week. Here they are for your entertainment. If you don't come from around these parts you can miss out the third round. I will try and post the answers as a "comment" to this post tomorrow.
ROUND 1 (1) Who sailed yachts called Gypsy Moth?   (2) What is the maximum number of Friday the 13ths possible in one calendar year, including leap years? (3) Which African city is named from the Greek meaning "three towns"? (4) Hirudo medicinalis is the most common what used by doctors? (5) Latvia has borders with four other countries, name them  (6) Who is the only footballer to have played for Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool & Everton? (7) The best film Oscars of 1990 and 1991 were given to films that contain animals in their title, name them (8) In Greek mythology, which nymph pined away until only her voice remained? (9) What is the name of the flag bearing the arms of the British Sovereign, flown only when he or she is present? : BONUS – on what occasions is it flown at half mast? (10) Which now-deceased Hollywood actor served time on chain gang in Georgia after being arrested for vagrancy? 
ROUND 2 (11) What actor, who starred in 130 Robin Hood adventures on TV, died in June 1982? (12) Who said: "When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad I'm better"? (13) In which city would you find Logan International Airport?  (14) Who wrote "The Old Man and the Sea"?  (15) Who were Benny the Ball, Spook, The Brain, Fancy Fancy, and Choo Choo? (16) Which is the largest land-locked country in the world? (17) Which two countries have been contesting the world’s oldest international cricket match since 1844? (18) Which famous vessel constructed of balsa wood was named after an Inca sun god? (19) Who claimed that “History is bunk”? (20)  What word can go after “kid” and before “kin”?              
ROUND 3 (21)  Which is furthest north, Halifax Yorkshire or Halifax Nova Scotia? (22) What is the name of the canal which passes through Brighouse? BONUS : Within 20 years either way, when was it built? (23) Which famous mill owner who created a village that is now a World Heritage site lived at Crow Nest Mansion near Hipperholme? (24) One of Yorkshire’s most famous writers was James Herriot who wrote the vet books. What was his real name and in which town did he live? (25) Yorkshire used to have a West Riding, North Riding and East Riding. What does “Riding” mean? (26) What was the name of the Brighouse cinema, built in 1899, which was where the Calder Bar now is? (27)  Who is reputed to be buried in the grounds of Kirklees Hall? (28) According to the sixteenth century Beggar’s Litany from where other than Hell and Halifax was the Good Lord asked to deliver us? BONUS : Why? (29) The oldest building in Elland is the Parish Church. The second oldest is a pub – name it. (30) In terms of population size which is the biggest  : Calderdale, Bradford or Kirklees?   
ROUND 4 (31) If you were sailing through the Panama Canal from the Pacific to the Atlantic in which direction would you be travelling? (32) Which national holiday was first celebrated in England in 1974 with the introduction of a Bank Holiday? (33) What was Fletcher’s first name in Porridge?  (34) What is the capital of Venezuela?    (35) In which fictional county is the fictional village of Ambridge?   (36) What was signed and sealed at Runnymeade?   (37) What is the diameter in inches of a basketball hoop? (1 inch either way)  (38) What are the two main ingredients of kedgeree?(39) In the song which river is “wider than a mile”?    (40) What was the name of the sequel to the book “Winnie The Pooh”?       
ROUND 5 (41) Born in Salford, the actress Jane Leeves first appeared on television as a topless angel in an episode of Monty Python. She went on to be nominated for Emmy and Golden Globe awards for her portrayal of which character? (42) With their victory on Wednesday, Barcelona have now won the European Cup three times. But which team has won most European Cup Finals? (43) What colour is Noddy’s hat? (44) What type of rectangle has four equal sides and angles? (45) What title is given to the Chief Executive of the BBC? (46) How many finger holes are there in a tenpin bowling ball? (47) Which fruit has a variety called Ellison’s orange? (48) What type of newspaper is named after a form of condensed pill? (49) What was the name of the computer in the film 2001 A Space Odyssey? (50) Which were the original six countries which established the European Union in 1958? (Point for each) 
Tie Breaker: In which year was the first section of the London Underground Railway opened? 


A   Which bandleader married both Lana Turner and Ava Gardner?

B   In which country is the royal family the House of Bernadotte?

C   Who founded Standard Oil in 1870? 


  1. And here are the answers :
    ROUND 1
    1 Sir Francis Chichester
    2 Three
    3 Tripoli
    4 Leech
    5 Estonia (N), Lithuania (S), Belarus (E), and Russian Federation (E)
    6 Peter Beardsley
    7 Dances With Wolves (1990) and Silence of The Lambs (1991)
    8 Echo
    9 Royal Standard – it is never flown at half mast
    10 Robert Mitchum
    ROUND 2
    11 Richard Greene
    12 Mae West
    13 Boston (USA)
    14 Ernest Hemmingway
    15 Members of Top Cat’s gang.
    16 Kazakhstan (1.03 million square miles)
    17 The United States and Canada
    18 Kon Tiki
    19 Henry Ford
    20 “Nap”
    ROUND 3
    21 Halifax Yorkshire (53ºN) Halifax NS (44ºN)
    22 Calder and Hebble Navigation , 1770 (1750 – 1790)
    23 Sir Titus Salt
    24 Alf Wight Thirsk
    25 A subdivision into three, a third
    26 The Albert
    27 Robin Hood
    28 Hull, Hull and Halifax were last to have gibbets for executing petty criminals
    29 The Fleece Inn (1603)
    30 Bradford (497,400) Kirklees (401,000) Calderdale (200,100)
    ROUND 4
    31 North (Yes, north – look at a map!)
    32 1 January (May Day was introduced in 1978)
    33 Norman Stanley Fletcher
    34 Caracas
    35 Borsetshire
    36 The Magna Carta in 1215
    37 18 inch (17 – 19)
    38 Smoked fish and rice
    39 Moon River
    40 The House At Pooh Corner
    ROUND 5
    41 Daphne Moon in Frazier
    42 Real Madrid (9) Milan (7) Liverpool (5)
    43 Blue
    44 A Square
    45 The Director-General
    46 Three
    47 Apple
    48 Tabloid
    49 HAL
    50 France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands.
    Tie Breaker:
    A Artie Shaw
    B Sweden
    C John D Rockerfeller

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