Sunday, March 09, 2008

Getting Out More

People keep telling me I should get out more. So on Friday I took one of my spare West Yorkshire Day Rover tickets (travel anywhere in West Yorkshire by bus for just £4) and got on the first bus out of Huddersfield Bus Station. It took me to Dewsbury by a route which must have been designed by an overwrought SatNav device. But this is the beauty of this type of travel : you just sit on the top deck of the bus, listen to some good music and look out of the window. It took the bus about an hour to make the seven mile journey, but I saw places I'd never seen before. When I arrived in Dewsbury I took the opportunity to take some photographs (there is a selection on my Daily Photo Blog), and then it was back to Dewsbury Bus Station to repeat the experiment. This time a bus took me to Wakefield and the opportunity to have another good wander around and bag a decent pub for my Great Yorkshire Pub Blog. I took a few more photographs - including the one at the top of this blog of a wondrous door to nowhere which can be found under the bridge which takes the main railway line through the city.

So, as it turns out, people are right : I needed to get out more.

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