Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Feedback .... And Out

It is that glorious time of the year when I need to take my leave of the Blog for a couple of weeks and head in search of the sun. As I think I mentioned some time ago, this year the Famous Five will be going mad in the Mediterranean. Based on my experience of snail-speed internet connections on board cruise ships, this year I will probably avoid logging-in to update the Blog whilst I am away and save an extended posting for when I return. But who knows : perhaps the craving to compose will set in and I will head for the Communications Room in order to get my regular fix.

Before setting sail, however, I would like to take this opportunity to thank people for their feedback. One of the great pleasures of a Blog is that most people do not approach the blog from a sequential or episodic standpoint, they discover random postings whilst doing a Google search for "fried halibut" or some such piece of exotica. Thus the feedback, when it does arrive, can be in relation to postings that were launched on the wide world months or even years ago. For such reasons the feedback can be even more welcome as it drags me back to a subject which was once dear to my heart. Anyway, here are a few messages of thanks. My apologies, as ever, if you have sent me messages and I haven't replied.

* To Kamel from North Africa : Thanks for your message, I am glad to hear that you bought the Crypto Peerless O'Matic Pie Moulder I mentioned in the Blog earlier this year. However, I regret that I am not conversant with the detailed operation of the machine, although inserting the pie steak into the mobile cylinder - as you describe in your message - seems the right approach. Good luck, and by all means feel free to send me one of the pies once you get the mechanics sorted.

* To Paul : Thanks for responding to my final plea in the "Connect Me To A Brewery" posting. It is excellent news that Barnard's momentous work is now available on CD, I will be sending for a copy as soon as I return from holidays.

* To (another) Paul : Thanks for the updated information about motorcycle funerals and for the latest images of the various hearses. You are quite right, it is as dignified a way of leaving this world as any other and I will ask my nearest and dearest to give it serious consideration when my time comes.

* To Jill : Thanks for updating my story about the Winstanley Babes. Although our own Babe has now passed away, it is good to hear that there are still many out there. Long may they tap and twirl.
So that's it .... I will be back in August.

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  1. Have a lovely time, and we'll look forward to seeing the photographs.


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