Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mamma Mia

So if the new computer came to life last Wednesday, why has it taken until now to start a new age of blogging. The reason was that hours after the Big Bang had occurred we had to jump onto a coach and travel down to London to attend a retirement party. We were on a coach because I come from Yorkshire and the prospect of a return bus ticket for £12.50 compared with a rail ticket at £85 was too much to resist. With the difference in price, I explained to Isobel, we could go to a West End Show and have a meal out.  So on Friday evening we went to Mamma Mia and after to the Aberdeen Steak House. And most of Thursday and most of Saturday we sat with our legs squashed into our chests, our bottoms aching, and our minds bored whilst we watched the M1 motorway pass by. 
"Yes, Ive been brokenhearted
Blue since the day we started
Why, why did I ever let us go?" 

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