Thursday, November 06, 2008

Winter Or Spring?

On the day of the US elections I decided to drop in on an old friend. I have written before about the poisonous, reactionary, right-wing, nutcase, Mark Levin. His daily ranting podcast leaves you not knowing whether to laugh or cry, and like toothache, is a thing that can only be endured for a very short period.  I decided, however, that I needed to listen to "our leader" (as the buffoon is referred to by his publicity department) for a final time in the Bush era. And he does not disappoint. America, he declares, is on the verge of voting in a Marxist Communist. He calls on all Americans to stand up to the "drones" who will vote Obama into power and defeat Governor Palin (he never cared for McCain who he sees as a political traitor). It is the usual drivel, Obama is a drug-crazed socialist who makes friends with America's enemies, every American liberty is at risk, the Constitution will be under attack, as will that great stand-by of "conservatives", "choice". The above cartoon, which is taken from the idiot's website, gives an impression of the world view of Mr Levin and his followers. Winter Cometh, he tells us.
And then the American people voted. Bush will soon be a thing of the past. Obama is the President-Elect. I would like to believe on Mark Levin's view that a socialist is now in power in America, but that is perhaps a little too optimistic. However, there is a new feeling of hope. A feeling that, at last, a new political Spring is approaching. I have consigned Mark Levin's podcast feed to my recycle bin. I feel Spring in the air.

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