Friday, November 14, 2008

Website and Family Resemblances

Jane left a comment on yesterday's posting remarking on how much my father in his youth looks like my brother Roger. As soon as I read it, the mystery was solved : I know why I have been thinking of my parents recently. Earlier this week I got an e-mail from my brother - the first in many, many months - and we were able to catch up with each others' news. Thoughts of my brother, who lives on the Caribbean Island of Dominica, led to thoughts of my father and hence, my parents. Janie was quite like - the two of them are remarkably similar.
I e-mailed Roger after I found his new website almost by accident. It neatly outlines all the projects he is involved with at the moment including the usual sculpture and painting and the ever-present house renovation. One thing I did discover when I found the website was that the house on Dominica now has a substantial garden which has become a tourist attraction in its own right (you can book a tour for just $15). Initially, the idea of Roger designing and maintaining a garden surprised me - the Burnett boys were never very accomplished when it came to green fingers - but I soon discovered that the garden project was under the direction of his wife, Denise. Whilst I am a less than enthusiastic gardener, I am always willing to sip a cool beer whilst strolling around a garden so I will start looking for cheap flights to Dominica. 
The second image shows Roger creating a sculpture of my son Alexander, who by co-incidence was 19 yesterday. The sculpture was, in part, a thank-you for the work I did on setting up Roger's original website : a website which still forms an integral part of the new site. 

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