Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Twitter For Gentlefolk : Postcard From Tampa

That splendid sound of a postcard dropping through the letter box (we have them in our doors here in Britain and not at the end of the drive and thus postal delivery is a much more intimate experience) heralded the arrival of the latest in my Twitter for Gentlefolk series. The postcard came from cat-lover, writer and librarian, the multi-talented e over at Life In Progress. The subject matter of the card sent me immediately in search of my large-scale American map in order to track down the exact location of Tampa. I have only ever been to America once, and that was very briefly to Florida a good few years ago. But the scenery shown in e's wonderfully pictorial card reminded me of the excitement and wonder I felt then : it was almost like travelling through one of those model worlds one would construct in Sim City.

e comments that Florida seems to have skipped Spring and done straight into summer. This is good news indeed to someone who is scheduled to fly to Florida in just nine weeks time. Sadly our trip will not take us to Tampa but as we sail up the west coast from Ford Lauderdale en route to Charleston, I will give a friendly wave from the port deck (or is it the starboard deck, Chairman Bill, help me out here) in the direction of Tampa. My thanks to e for joining in with my Twitter for Gentlefolk project. There will be another card next week.

Twitter For Gentlefolk : Postcard From Tauranga


  1. Alan: very much port, but not too much (it's very sickly).

  2. CB : Now I have to disagree with you there. Over the last couple of years I have become increasingly fond of port and as long as it is a half decent one (and you suck on a lemon immediately after drinking) it is not too sweet.

  3. Lovely post, Alan. I posted yours as well. I'll look forward to your wave!

  4. My mother just flew back home from Tampa airport last weekend. Last week they were treated to characteristic lightning storms that lasted a full day! She's still talking about it!

    When are you off, Alan? I've missed so much!


  5. So do you like an intiment mail experience over there
    Or would you rather have the mailman/woman out of your hair
    Oh are you bragging you're going some place warm
    Trying to cause a **** storm..LOL
    Must be nice
    Maybe you can pretend you're on Miami Vice..haha

  6. Ah, I love the sound of mail dropping through the letterbox. And this a great idea for increasing its volume.
    BTW thanks so much for your truly lovely comment on my blog today (Tuesday) - really touched me and cheered me.

  7. OK send me your address via email. I'm road trippin with an arrogant American and might send you a postcard from the edge.

  8. The gentle twitter fever is spreading.

  9. I'm jealous you have a mail slot in your door. I've always thought those were so charming, not to meniton convenient!

    Our neighborhood has the boxes at the end of the street! It's about a block away from the house. Needless to say, we only stop if we're driving past it! ha.

  10. Neat! Hi, e!

    Alan, I received yours and I will post it soon. It's lovely. Mine to you will be on the way as soon as I pick out a good one. :)

  11. Popped over from E's blog. And what a great find. I think twitter via postcards is excellent too - all the best ideas are simple.

  12. Will You Be Flying Over Hebden Bridge enroute?
    I was going to send you a postcard from Hebden Bridge but its hardly that exotic?

  13. Too bad you will miss Tampa..I am sure the sights you will see will be beautiful...especially from a ship..it should be really warm by then down south..be sure to pack your shorts..there is nothing like southern humidity:)


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