Sunday, December 16, 2012

West Yorkshire : Like The Legs Of An Irish Dancer

I am not certain where I took this photograph. It is somewhere in West Yorkshire, that's for sure, and I must have taken it about 30 or 40 years ago. As so often in this part of the world it is the roof line that is the centre of attention. Shapes fight shapes, orientations have a pleasing diversity, and ostentation is a stranger to these lands and these times. With its grey skies and black earth, all the attention is concentrated on a strip of activity - like the legs of an Irish dancer.


  1. Your words sing music for the photograph. It looks depressing.

  2. Anonymous11:57 AM

    This photo is full of character, Alan. The car looks vaguely familiar - an Avenger maybe? Jo

  3. That's a great title; nice shot too.

  4. I like the metaphor you use to describe this location. There must have been many of them that looked exactly the same.

  5. A splendid turn of phrase. The B&W tone is always better suited for these images from the grey north.


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