Sunday, April 13, 2014

Commercial Break 1

For the last seven and a half years I have struggled to ensure that News From Nowhere is brought to you free of the commercial distractions of of the digital market place. I have turned my back on company sponsors, spurned the advances of product placers and refused to see any sense in Google Adsense. But times are hard here at the St Gothard Retirement Home and I have been forced to introduce a series of commercial advertisements. If you enjoy this blog, please feel free to patronise the businesses and the products featured in this series, the first of which is : -

Sheffield Telegraph & Star : 9 February 1918


  1. If it only got 5 out of 9, it can't be that good.

  2. I do like the strange sounding names from your land. Change Alley, Sheffield. Of course, no address needed, although one might get direction from a policeman.

  3. Let me get pen and paper. I'll be right back!

  4. Why is it named Weston's when there is no reference to the name in the bottom right?
    1918 eh? Yesterday a fellow walked into the dental office and I over heard him give his birth year as that! He looked like he was in his late 70's! Odd how we reference ideas by dates.
    By the way I still love to use fountain pens and hubby and I have a collection of sorts.
    Love the ad.
    More please.

  5. The Mister would love one! He has a thing for vintage pens!

  6. I'd buy this! After all it says it's cheap! This is a good example of the type of advertising a long time ago.

  7. Fabulous; and all for less than 30p!


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