Wednesday, April 02, 2014

We Defy Gravity And Death

Whilst scanning some old negatives I shot back in 1981, I came across this picture I took of the Wall Of Death attraction in the Lincolnshire seaside resort of Skegness. I was drawn immediately to the advertising slogan, "They Defy Gravity And Death" (Note to Son and Heir, I would quite like that carving on my digital gravestone) and to what also looks rather like a large dog kennel next to the front entrance of the attraction. I turned to the Web to see if I could find any further information about the the Skegness Wall of Death and discovered a fascinating history of it. Shortly after I took this photograph, it appears that the Wall left Skegness and for a time went into retirement before embarking on a world tour (Note To Self, there is a lesson for all of us here).

Blogging is a bit like coming out of retirement and going on a world tour. By clicking HERE, you can read an interview I did recently with a group called Silver Explorers in which I talk about blogging, technology and ageing.


  1. The dog kennel is a bit random isn't it? It looks as though someone just dropped it there and wandered off.

  2. The photo reminds me of seeing a large pram standing beside a fairground stall.
    I enjoyed reading your interview, thanks for the link.

  3. Looks like the dog is still in it.

    1. Nah, I think the knot looks like a hound dog till you zoom in.

  4. Nice post, Alan, but this is extraordinary. "his son, Michael, was killed while working on the loudspeaker system." Huh?

  5. Thanks for a great photo... and the link to the interview.


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