Saturday, April 12, 2014

Songs, Glees And Recitations At The Clough House Inn

It is good to see the Clough House Inn in Rastrick open for business again. Dating from the early nineteenth century the current pub was part of a larger group of buildings - called Clough House - which included a farmhouse, a mill and a separate pub which, for the sake of confusion, was called the White Lion. Ideally situated on the Elland to Dewsbury turnpike road, it prospered over the years and by the 1870s it was being referred to as The Clough House Inn. 

The pub was used for the usual variety of local events : the coroner held inquests here and tenants would attend to pay their quarterly rent to the Thornhill Estate at what was known as "rent audits". Once the money had been handed over, these could become merry affairs as this cutting from the Huddersfield Daily Chronicle of 15th December 1877 shows. "Songs, glees and recitations followed, and a joyous time was spent"


  1. I'm not sure when they stopped holding inquests in pubs, but they did seem to get them done very quickly, I suppose they weren't exactly waiting for a lot of reports/results. Also interesting to read that the body would, in some cases, be taken straight to the pub awaiting the inquest.
    Looks like you had a glorious day for your visit to the Clough House.

  2. I like how they dress up the place with paint, and flower boxes, very inviting!

  3. What a great-looking place.

  4. What a pretty house! I love the red doors!

  5. So this establishment was a licence to print money!

  6. I would like to sit there at the picnic table...a pretty place to lounge around:)


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