Tuesday, June 21, 2016

News From Nowhere Is Back

So here we are, back home after 15 days at sea: 15 days of fine food, excellent beers, sumptuous sights and seagulls. If you want to see photographs taken on the Baltic Sea cruise, they will be featured for the next week or so on my PICTURE POST BLOG. I have also dedicated a new blog - PICTURES FROM NOWHERE - to reflect my obsession with old photographs I have picked up from here, there and everywhere in between. NEWS FROM NOWHERE will continue to showcase my random thoughts and pointless observations which share the common theme of themelessness. Whilst I try and work out what on earth that means, here is a sample of what will be on the Pictures From Nowhere Blog.


Standing Man At Desk
CdV By The London Stereoscopic And Photographic Company (QF1006/7)
This wonderful Carte de Visite of an unknown man probably dates from the late 1860s or early 1870s. The desk was the kind of studio prop that was ideal for supporting subjects during lengthy sittings necessitated by slow shutter speeds. The London Stereoscopic And Photographic Company was one of the first studios in the UK to specialise in stereoscopic photographs. When the craze in stereo photos began to fade in the late 1860s, the company moved into other forms of studio photography such as the production of CdV's. The London Stereoscopic Company still exists and is dedicated to spreading knowledge of, and interest in, old and new stereoscopic photographs. It has a excellent web site (hosted by Brian May - yes that Brian May) which explains more about the company and about old stereoscopic photographs.


  1. Pictures from Nowhere. Like a Sepia Saturday (almost) every day, huh? Sounds like fun!

  2. You must tell us about the cruise:)

  3. Sounds like you enjoyed yourselves. Welcome back!

  4. Good to have you back Alan!

  5. That's not a desk - that's a davenport. And why davenport I don't know. I guess I should look it up.
    Hope you both had a wonderful time x

  6. A fine photo to begin a new project, Alan. The gentleman is quite short, as chair seat height is usually 17-18 in. My estimate puts him at best only 5ft 2in. He has the look of someone who has reached a level of success, perhaps passed the bar or been made partner, and wishes to commemorate the occasion with a photograph.

  7. Enjoy the next step forward. Your cruise seems to have been a happy experience. Welcome back.


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