Friday, June 02, 2017

I've Not Been At My Best This Week : Musings On A Spanish Crematorium

I've not been at my best this week - I've had a serious case of "man-flu". According to my Good Lady Wife, I have been "a brave little soldier", but, as the years pass by, such attacks of outrageous misfortune seem to take an increasing toll on my natural joie de vivre. As I lay there, in danger of drowning in my own nasal secretions, I couldn't help thinking of the decorative freeze I saw on the side of a municipal crematorium during my recent visit to Spain. It depicts a line of elderly and disabled figures making their way towards a central black tunnel entrance, which, I assume, represents the crematorium furnace! If you look closely, you might just see that the old chap with the walking stick seems to have a runny nose!

Crematorio Marina Alta Denia, Valencia, Spain


  1. Oh, you've made me giggle now. What a weird and uplifting (not!) piece of artwork! Sorry to hear you're a bit under the weather. I'm astonished how much these petty illnesses sap my energy now. Rather irritating, when I generally have good health.

    1. Yes, if the worst I have to complain about is a runny nose, I can't be all that bad. I was amazed by that Spanish crematorium. We were driving past it with our friends and I made them turn the car around and go back to it so I could take some photographs. It must stand a good chance in any "Most Inappropriate Design" competition.

  2. Wow! I hadn't realized the Spanish were so morbid. Then again, there WAS Goya!

  3. That's a pretty depressing work of art!


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