Sunday, June 04, 2017

There Is Something About A Hat

UNKNOWN MAN : Wartnall Portrait, The Pictorial Photo Publishing Co.
There is something about a hat. It's a balance thing. Imagine the studio portrait above (part of a box full of unknown and unloved old photos I acquired) without the hat. The head would be like a pointy afterthought to the body, as satisfying as the chocolate apex of a Toblerone bar. The hat adds gravitas, keeps the rain out of your ears, and gives you somewhere safe to keep your pensioners' travel pass. There is indeed something about a hat


  1. As a long-time dedicated hat wearer, I approve this message! Heh, heh! And I thank you for your recognition of the benefits of hats. And most of all, I congratulate that fellow in the photo on his excellent taste in hats!

  2. I love hats. My best memory of the men of my father's generation is their hats. Once, on the choice between his two year old daughter's hand in the middle of the street, his arm load of Christmas packages or a dash for his hat swept away by an awful December wind, my father forego the last.

  3. My grandpa wore his hat while paddling at the seaside.

  4. It seems like the world was a much more dignified place when hats were more in fashion. (I don't count the relatively recent proliferation of the wearing of backwards baseball caps!)


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