Wednesday, September 19, 2018

86 Years On The Prom

This is Fred and Hazel walking along the promenade in August 1932 (there are people out there who will recognise which promenade it is, and - in the great traditions of the internet - will tell me). George V has just opened Lambeth Bridge and Forrest Mars has just produced the first Mars Bar. Aldous Huxley has just published Brave New World and Hunger Marches are heading for the capital to protest about poverty and unemployment. Fred and Hazel, however, walk down the promenade and have their photographs taken. They will send the little print to Aunt Agg and Uncle Jack, who will stick it in the family album. There it stayed, forgotten, for eighty-six years .... until this morning.

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  1. Once again I am compelled to observe, next to no one is overweight!


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